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The Importance of the Wallpaper in The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Pe

The Importance of the Wallpaper in The Yellow Wallpaper      Ã‚  Ã‚   "The Yellow Wallpaper" takes a close look at one woman's mental deterioration. The narrator is emotionally isolated from her husband. Due to the lack of interaction with other people the woman befriends the reader by secretively communicating her story in a diary format. Her attitude towards the wallpaper is openly hostile at the beginning, but ends with an intimate and liberating connection. During the gradual change in the relationship between the narrator and the wallpaper, the yellow paper becomes a mirror, reflecting the process the woman is going through in her room.   Ã‚  Ã‚   When the narrator first sees the paper she is repulsed by the shade and the pattern. It is something she hates and yet she cannot ignore it. The "repellent" and "repulsive" paper soon becomes the topic of her journal entries. The first personification of the wallpaper is when she notices where the pattern "lolls like a broken neck and two bulbous eyes stare at you upside down"..."I never saw so much expression in an inanimate thing before". This indicates that, just as John and Jennie watch her, the paper appears to be watching her too. She speaks of the paper as another presence in the room. The reader can see that the paper is starting to become more fascinating to her than the outside world when her attention to the view of the countryside abruptly switches back to the wallpaper. As she becomes more isolated in the room her thoughts are filled with the design of the paper almost as if she is studying it. "I know a little of the principle of design, and I know this thi ng was not arranged on any laws of radiation, or alternation, or repetition, or symmetry, or anything else that I ev... ...   Ã‚  Ã‚   Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 6th ed. New York: Harper Collins, 1995. 424-36. Hume, Beverly A. â€Å"Gilman’s Interminable Grotesque’: The Narrator of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’† Studies in Short Fiction 28.4 (1991):477-84. Johnson, Greg. â€Å"Gilman’s Gothic Allegory: Rage and Redemption in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’† Studies in Short Fiction 26.4 (1989):521-30. King, Jeannette and Pam Morris. â€Å"On Not Reading between the Lines: Models of Reading in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’† Studies in Short Fiction 26.1 (1989): 23-32. Owens, E. Suzanne. â€Å"The Ghostly Double behind the Wallpaper in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’†   Ã‚  Ã‚   Haunting the House of Fiction. Ed. Lynette Carpenter and Wendy K. Kolmar. Knoxville: U of Tennessee P, 1991 64-79. Scharnhorst, Gary. â€Å"‘The Yellow Wallpaper.’† Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Boston: Twayne, 1985. 15-20.   

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Economics commentary †China set to introduce new rules on smoking in public Essay

China’s economy is known as one of the strongest economies in the world, as they achieved a very high recorded rate of growth domestic product in 2010 with 10.3%, as well as china is one of the main exporters worldwide, all of these are reasons why China has a powerful role in the world economy. But unfortunately this power could be in dangerous if the economy faces market failure. Market failure occurs when there is a misallocation of resources according to the price mechanism towards the social optimal way caused by the failure of the market signal function to identify the efficient and exact outcomes (Mankiw, 2011). Which consequence externalities, In our market failure case, there is something called negative externality, which means that the third party, who are neither the consumer nor the producer, they are the society, known as the marginal social (MSb/c). This good produced is harmfully or damagingly affecting the society. Therefore there is misallocation of resources. Traditionally Government intervenes by adding to the basic price, taxes to lower the demand on the good which influences the social and private cost positively by lowering their quantities as shown in {figure A}. Concerning the article, the negative externality is present in china due to cigarettes supported by the fact that 1 out of 3 people is smoking, which is considered a negative pick rate, which surely affects the environment and the third party, as mentioned above. This fact, and the increase of cigarettes consumption, makes â€Å"The country’s authorities believe smoking kills more than one million people every year and that figure is predicted to triple by 2030†. This statement is a very dangerous signal for china, mentioning that Chinese future is unsafe concerning both socially and economically as well, because â€Å"Smoking is a very old Chinese tradition† , which actually affects negatively the economical issues. Cigarettes are considered as demerit good. The Government has different ways to intervene and to either stop selling this kind of product or to lower its impact on the society. They can either put legislations by law to limit the quantity produced by the supplier for example for this particular good, or by banning, ban the production or consumption of a certain good that causes a negative externality, or may be by advertising to influence producers and consumers and warn. or finally by taxation, the act to put a high tax on demerit goods, which is the very known and traditional way of lowering the consumption of a good having negative externalities (Mankiw, 2011), Also the tradable permits, which could be a solution in other situations, but it may have a relation to the Chinese one, as we know the production of cigarettes is surely harming the environment so that they can use the tradable permits to minimize the supply of cigarettes. All of these are ways for the government to attempt to correct market failure by influencing both supply and demand for goods. This is exactly the situation in China, cigarettes has a negative impact generally and increasing day after day its negative effects on the society, thus the government decided to make new strict rules to lower this impact as mentioned in the article, so this directly mean that the Chinese government has decided to weather apply legislation or ban more powerfully beside their stable taxation and their advertising influence. But in the situation of china they have many limitations and variable parameters that will surely affect their decisions as that The tobacco companies have huge influence in the whole Chinese industry, which means that banning couldn’t be the correct way to solve their problem as The government operates a monopoly on tobacco sales, which brings in huge amounts of source to the government as tax receipts, also at legislation may be at the same situation of banning because some Campaigners say it is difficult to promote anti-smoking policies for the reason that china is one of the biggest suppliers and producers of cigarettes as the foreign countries franchise in china for the low labor income, (Arnold, 2007) so that puts china in a bad situation as lack of transparency which may lead to internal political problems†¦for example, if they legalize and allow franchisor to come, they may lose the confidence of people. For the reason that foreign companies come to china to produce their cigarettes because â€Å"The cost of a packet of cigarettes is significantly lower in China than in many western countries†. The solution which may help the Chinese government to interfere and either to correct the market failure economically if happens or socially to help the society to maintain good health and social wellbeing (Arnold, 2007), is actually the taxation by increasing very high percentage of tax {figure B}, after putting in consideration all of the limitations, the use of taxation is the ideal solution. To conclude, we can say that the government has to keep the market under surveillance because the market is left totally free, surely will appear overproduction of goods having negative externalities as demerit goods, as cigarettes or goods that passes from steps in production that pollute the environment, causing circumstances as spreading different diseases and danger for all living organisms which leads socially to high death rate and economically on the long term to economical crisis. Therefore, government has to interfere, to limit the extent of demerit goods on the free market, to insure a safe future both economically and socially. Bibliography Arnold, R. A. (2007). Microeconomics. switzerland: thomas south-western. Mankiw, N. G. (2011). Principles of Economics Study Guide. New City : Cengage Learning.

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Classical and Rap Music - 1364 Words

Compare and Contrast Essay: Classical and Rap Music Kristin Conway COM/155 - UNIVERSITY COMPOSITION AND COMMUNICATION I March 15, 2014 Instructor: Kathleen Case In contrary to common thought, classical and rap music have as many similarities as they do differences. The sound may be completely different, but there is a way to show emotion that will affect the listeners. For example, they both have ways to bring emotion and feeling into both performance and their audience’s effectiveness. Classical has an effect on the listeners that makes them cry, laugh and be happy. Rap music has an effect on a person that makes them get up and dance to the beat of the song. Classical and rap music are different in many ways but are†¦show more content†¦This technique was then common in Jamaican dub music and had spread to New York City via the substantial Jamaican immigrant community. These DJ’s developed â€Å"turntabling†, such as scratching, mixing, and beat juggling to go with these breaks that created a base to be rapped over. The first recording of rap was The Sugar Hill Gang’s â€Å"Rapper’s Delight † in 1979. In the 80’s, according to the rapworld.com, 7† The lyrical content of hip hop evolved as well. The early styles presented in the 1970s soon were replaced with metaphorical lyrics over more complex, multi-layered instrumentals.† Rap music also spread its popularity into other countries in this decade as well. In 1986, the development of Gangsta rap, which is more violent, and became the most lucrative. In the 1990 decade, MC Hammer’s album Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em became the first certified diamond album for sales over ten million, according to 8rapworld.com. In the 90’s also came the development of East Coast and West Coast rap, which brought artists such as Wu Tang Clan, 2Pac, and Notorious BIG. In the year 2000 came the artist Eminem and his album The Marshall Mathers LP, which sold over ten million copies and became the fastest-selling album of all time. In the 2000’s came Alternative Rap, a differe nt style, which brought artists like The Roots and Gnarls Barkley, which introduced us to performer Cee Lo Green. Classical music has beenShow MoreRelatedComparing Rap And Classical Music970 Words   |  4 PagesRap and classical music are two very different types of music. The difference is very noticeable in sound, and the music’s characteristics. Producers and composers of these two styles of music present themselves differently also. Almost all Rap artists write their own lyrics. Because of this most rap songs are direct and often very personal. Most rap music’s instruments are electronic, and computer generated. As for classical music, it has more of a sophisticated sound. This style of music has aRead MoreComparing Rap And Classical Music989 Words   |  4 PagesRap and classical music are often portrayed as two different types of music. One can tell the difference of the genre from the sound, and the music’s essences. Producers and composers of these two styles of music present themselves differently, however, they both do what they love and express their emotions t hrough vocals or use of instruments. Almost all Rap artists write their own lyrics. Because of this, most rap songs are direct and often very personal. Most rap music’s instruments are electronicRead MoreWhat Is The Types Of Music?1587 Words   |  7 Pages What is the types of music? Music became an important thing since i was really young.It grew up with me together and it brings me a lot of things that other things can’t give me.Now,let me tell you all about what i learned from music,and my feeling with music.I found there are many different types of music.And every type of music brings listener different feelings.Types makes music totally different. If i am a narrator,then music is like a main character in my life.ActuallyRead MoreMusic Makes Children Smarter : Music Essay1610 Words   |  7 PagesMusic Makes Children Smarter Music in many ways. has a potential to allure an individual, especially children, to improve their intellect, when involved in music. Schools and organizations had researched and estimated that schools with music curriculum, have more graduation and successful rates than school that do not doesn’t have music subjects. Universities have concluded that a specific part of our brain had a major role that can progress to become intellectual when exposed to classical musicRead More A Violent Message in the Art of Popular Culture Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesA â€Å"Violent† Message in the Art of Popular Culture Many people believe that present-day music cause division, tension, and sometimes violence. However, it is acknowledged as art in popular culture. Art in popular culture revolves around action movies, television sitcoms, and provocative song lyrics, which have themes centered on explicit sexuality. Art in popular culture is embodied in music, dance, photography, and other artwork that embraces the ills of the world and acknowledges thatRead MoreRap Music And New School Rap1301 Words   |  6 Pages Although rap music has been around for decades, and to this day people still enjoy listening to it, most people prefer new-school rap over old-school rap because of its great quality.Unlike old-school rap, new-school rap is listened to by many different races. In addition, unlike rap when it first started there s a large variety of rap artists of different culture. To support this, Devos Jan, author of The Evolution of Hip-Hop Culture, states that, What initially was a relatively sma ll subcultureRead MoreMusic And Its Influence On Music Essay854 Words   |  4 Pagesquestion? Music, the idea of using sounds for thoughts. Cultivated music can be defined in many different ways, although it is defines as being music that comes from another country, it is also defined as music that is consciously well put together. The word culture is almost visible. However, the term â€Å"cultivated† brings a deep contrast to that of â€Å"vernacular†. Vernacular can be defined as music of the present place. It will be safe to say that cultivated music carries over into Vernacular music. CultivatedRead MoreSimilarities Between Music And Classical Music921 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom the Classical Era. Classical music originated in Ancient Egypt but as time went by in became less popular. Then around the late 1700`s it became very popular in areas of the world like Europe, Italy, Austria, Germany. The period from 1750 to 1810 was known as the Viennese Classic. Classical music is kind of western music with a twist. At this point in time art literature was very popular, so when people first heard of classical music they were very interested in it. Classical music is veryRead MoreEveryday Life Is Shaped By One Force1706 Words   |  7 Pages Everyday life is shaped by one force: music. Everyone listens to music every single day of their lives and, whether they realize it or not, it shapes their lives. Music affects people’s moods and interactions. People interested in different genres will also act differently because various genres have separate effects on people’s minds. Each genre has its own personality that it is generally related to, however not everyone who enjoys a specific genre is the stereotypical audience, such as a normallyRead MoreMusic Is It s Something That We Interact With Every Day1048 Words   |  5 PagesMusic is universal. It’s something that we interact with every day. It is a way to express and r elease emotions, it can send a message that can be related to real life situations, and is a source of communication between people. It unites people in surprising ways. There are many types of music. Music can be composed of beats, sounds, words, and rhythms. Some types or genres of music are; classical rock, rap, country, electronic, and world music. These genres of music can target specific people from

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Other Styles of Prostitution - 1101 Words

Prostitution Prostitution is outlined because the act of participating in sexual activities or having sex in exchange for cash or merchandise, though this activity is it administrated by members of each sexes, is additional common in girls, however it additionally applies to men. Harlotry may be each heterosexual and homosexual, and will involve transvestites and transsexuals. The generic term accustomed talk to a prostitute who exercise it. Other styles of prostitution Sometimes the term is employed in vice crime abundant broader sense, of getting sex with a unique order of the playback or the pleasure of 1 of the parties, together with historical styles of spiritual prostitution, within which sex is practiced in compliance with specific spiritual precepts. The alleged religious prostitution bit by bit disappeared within the Western world throughout the empire, however has continuing to be practiced in different cultures till recent times, and has seen a spike with the emergence of different religions within the West. Also make up this a lot of general definition, the utilization of sex as a type of spying, and therefore the cases of men and ladies maintaining relationships with known friends, to sell the story to the tabloids in exchange for fame and or cash. In these 2 cases the equation is employed in vice crime with an clearly dislogistic. Prostitution and crime Prostitution is currently hot in several countries, typical of marginal environments andShow MoreRelatedProstitution, As Stated By The Oxford English Dictionary,1742 Words   |  7 Pages Prostitution, as stated by the Oxford English Dictionary, is â€Å"The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.† With a clear understanding of its definition, it can be acknowledged that this practice is both dangerous and unethical, and often reflect an imbalance of power and control, both physically and emotionally, through unsafe environments and treating prostitutes as sex objects. As a matter of fact, if we lived in a perfect society everyone would be wealthyRead MoreEffects Of Economics And Sexuality On Women s Life1376 Words   |  6 Pagesduring this large time period much has happened to the economy as well as the life style of a women. Therefore, these two topics play a big role within each other that affected women during this time period. Thus this leads to the subtopics that will be discussed to show that economics and sexuality does go hand and hand. The two subtopics that will demonstrate the effects are the industrial eco nomy, and prostitution. These two subtopics provide much information about women during this time periodRead MoreChildhood Victimization And Subsequent Risk For Promiscuity, Prostitution, And Pregnancy Essay900 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch problem in Childhood Victimization and Subsequent Risk for Promiscuity, Prostitution, and Teenage Pregnancy: A Prospective Study, is one in which abused children were examined over a period of time to find to correlation between abuse and or neglect as it relates to the risk for their promiscuity, prostitution, and pregnancy (Spatz Kuhms, 1996). The particular design of this study was a prospective cohort style which in sense is a study that is conducted over a period of time with groupedRead MoreThe Differential Theory And Social Control Theory1567 Words   |  7 Pagescontrol theory link to prostitution â€Å"Prostitution is the continual supply of physical sexual intercourse of some kind in direct exchange for material rewards, usually money† (Adriaenssens and Hendrickx 2012, p. 1) It is a corrupt way of producing one’s financial or personal gains. Women and men enter this line of business due to various reasons, which results with various types of prostitutes, such as; high-end escorts, third world sex slaves and street prostitutes. Prostitution is a sustained cycleRead MoreProstitution : The Oldest Profession On Earth1107 Words   |  5 PagesProstitution Prostitution is considered as the oldest profession on Earth. Sexual service in return for payment is called the prostitution. Prostitution is a big issue effecting women, men, and children all over the world. This is a world-wide controversy and it is something that people are not comfortable talking about. The question is whether people who are involved in the sex industry are willingly or are forced to do it. Our society has different points of view on this issue. Some people agreeRead MoreProstitution : The Oldest Profession On Earth1352 Words   |  6 PagesProstitution is considered as the oldest profession on Earth. Sexual service in return for payment is called prostitution. Prostitution is a big issue effecting women, men, and children all over the world. This is a world-wide controversy and it is something that people are not comfortable talking about. The question is whether people who are involved in the sex industry are willing or are forced to do it. Our society has d ifferent points of view on this issue. Some people agree and want to legalizeRead MoreShould Prostitution Be Sanctioned And Is It Moral?992 Words   |  4 PagesProstitution is a subject whom numerous individuals today have vocal conclusions about on the off chance that it ought to be sanctioned and is it moral? Can you envision how individuals felt about whores in the nineteenth century? Today individuals think the most exceedingly terrible conceivable things of a lady who whores herself and a less unbending perspective of ladies sexuality exists now very nearly two centuries later than there was then. In 2011 men and ladies can have an alternate perspectiveRead MoreSex, Prostitution, And The Production Of Sex Toys Essay1687 Words   |  7 PagesSex work, consisting of prostitution and the production of sex toys, has been implemented in the United States since the 18th century. Through red-light districts, street prostitution, escort or out-call prostitution, brothel prostituti on, and child prostitution, prostitution still thrives in the United States despite legality. Sex toys has become increasingly more available on shelves but still primarily stay in the e-commerce realm. Sex work has struggled to stay in the United States becauseRead MoreProstitution Should Be Legalized Within The United States1602 Words   |  7 Pagesbang for your buck! Prostitution should be legalized within the United States of America for numerous reasons, some of which including decrease in rape and diseases, adding a nice little boost to our economy, and generally reducing violence against women of the night. Even though prostitution can be very dangerous, many women choose that path. If you re strapped for cash and don’t have many options don’t worry, throw out your morals and sell what you already have and others might want, sell yourRead MoreThe Era Of The Victorian Era1565 Words   |  7 Pages1851, the Great Exhibition also known as the â€Å"World’s Great Fair† where England displayed its greatest inventions created by science and the industry. One of the key pieces is the â€Å"Crystal Palace,† where it was held at and showed the architectural style of England and the materials that they used. Queen Victoria was a ruler that had strict conduct which she had instilled in England’s daily life and she expanded the empire by receiving countries such as Australia, Canada and India. The social classes

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Capital Punishment Infringes Upon Human Rights and Should...

In today’s society, capital punishment is a particularly controversial issue. The death penalty known for its barbaric form of punishment began in 1892 lasting for 69 years before bill C-84 was passed by the House of Commons resulting in the removal of the death penalty. Although capital punishment has been abolished for 48 years, society still has mixed opinions on whether our country would benefit by reinstating capital punishment or if it would be better to respect individual rights and keep them locked away from society to prevent harm. Despite the promotion of human rights there are still many individuals who are willing to abolish that right to perform the sinful act of killing. Throughout history, emotions within humans have†¦show more content†¦Is it a surprise that 50% of driving casualties are a result of alcohol abuse? Prisoners suffering from the humiliation of life imprisonment often debate whether they would rather have the death sentence to end the suffering and pain or stay in jail where they must think about the act they committed and must be accustomed to prison life. â€Å"There’s nothing to look forward to on the inside, it’ll be all gray on gray for the rest of my life,† were the strong words sent by letter to the Italian president, which was written by Carmelo Musumeci along with the consent of hundreds of Italian inmates wanting death over life. Society can be safe without inflicting death upon the criminals. Canada should observe how some states have a sentence of li fe without parole ensuring society’s safety from these prisoners but keeping the country’s dignity and pride intact. Stats have proven that death rates are higher in American states with capital punishment compared to the states that do not use the death penalty. Canada and Europe both do not use capital punishment and have lower death rates than the United States which uses the death penalty. In 2006, homicide rates were taken per a population of 100,000. The United States had 5.7% while Europe had 5.4% and Canada had homicide rates of 1.85% thus indicating that capital punishment makes no difference in homicide rates. Using these 2006 homicide rates weShow MoreRelatedNational Security Outline Essay40741 Words   |  163 Pages-Many Americans (since nation was founded) view that protection of certain fundamental values as center of national security -Determining Interest: What Conditions Should We Seek? -Military Sufficiency -Issue is how much military capability is enough - is it enough to have the same capabilities as potential threats or should we pursue superior capabilities -US leaders have varied greatly on how much is enough -Domestic strength -Important goal is to seek political cohesion, economicRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesreproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording

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Battle Of Bullrun Essay Research Paper The free essay sample

Battle Of Bullrun Essay, Research Paper The Battle of Bullrun-Manassas On a warm July twenty-four hours in 1861, two great ground forcess of a divided state clashed for the first clip on the Fieldss overlooking Bull Run. Their ranks were filled with enthusiastic immature voluntaries in colourful new uniforms, gathered together from every portion of the state. Confident that their enemies would run at the first shooting, the natural recruits were grateful that they would non lose the lone conflict of what would certainly be a short war. But any idea of colourful pageantry was all of a sudden lost in the fume, blare, soil, and decease of the conflict. Soldiers on both sides were stunned by the force and devastation they encountered. At twenty-four hours # 8217 ; s end about 900 immature work forces lay lifeless on the Fieldss of Matthews Hill, Henry Hill, and Chinn Ridge. Ten hours of heavy contending swept off any impression the war # 8217 ; s outcome would be distinct rapidly. Cheers rang through the streets of Washington on July 16, 1861, as General ( 26k ) Irvin McDowell # 8217 ; s Army, 35,000 strong, marched out to get down the long-awaited run to capture Richmond and stop the war. It was an Army of Green Recruits, few of whom had the faintest thought of the magnitude of the undertaking confronting them. But their swaggering pace showed that none doubted the result. As exhilaration spread, many citizens and Congressmans with picnic baskets followed the Army into the field to watch what all expected would be a colourful show. FIRST BATTLE OF MANASSAS On a warm July twenty-four hours in 1861, two great ground forcess of a divided state clashed for the first clip on the Fieldss overlooking Bull Run. Their ranks were filled with enthusiastic immature voluntaries in colourful new uniforms, gathered together from every portion of the state. Confident that their enemies would run at the first shooting, the natural recruits were grateful that they would non lose the lone conflict of what would certainly be a short war. But any idea of colourful pageantry was all of a sudden lost in the fume, blare, soil, and decease of the conflict. Soldiers on both sides were stunned by the force and devastation they encountered. At twenty-four hours # 8217 ; s end about 900 immature work forces lay lifeless on the Fieldss of Matthews Hill, Henry Hill, and Chinn Ridge. Ten hours of heavy contending swept off any impression the war # 8217 ; s outcome would be distinct rapidly. Cheers rang through the streets of Washington on July 16, 1861, as General media/portraits/mcdowell_irvin.htmmedia/portraits/mcdowell_irvin.htm ( 26k ) Irvin McDowell # 8217 ; s Army, 35,000 strong, marched out to get down the long-awaited run to capture Richmond and stop the war. It was an Army of Green Recruits, few of whom had the faintest thought of the magnitude of the undertaking confronting them. But their swaggering pace showed that none doubted the result. As exhilaration spread, many citizens and Congressmans with picnic baskets followed the Army into the field to watch what all expected would be a colourful show. Many of these military personnels were 90-day voluntaries summoned by President media/portraits/lincoln_abraham.htmmedia/portraits/lincoln_abraham.htm ( 56k ) Abraham Lincoln after the startling intelligence of Fort Sumter explosion over the Nation in April 1861. Called from stores and farms, the recruits had small cognition of what war would intend. The first twenty-four hours # 8217 ; s March covered merely eight kilometres ( 5 stat mis ) as many stayed back to pick blackberries or fill canteens. McDowell # 8217 ; s pounding columns were headed for the critical railway junction at Manassas. Here the Orange and Alexandria Railroad met the Manassas Gap Railroad, which led west to the Shenandoah Valley. If McDowell could prehend this junction, he would stand astride the best overland attack to the Confederate # 8217 ; s capital. On July 18th McDowell # 8217 ; s Army reached Centreville. Five stat mis in front a little meandering watercourse named Bull Run crossed the path of the Union progress, and at that place guarding the Fords from Union Mills to the Stone Bridge waited 22,000 Southern military personnels under the bid of General media/portraits/beauregard_pierre_gustave.htmmedia/portraits/beauregard_pierre_gustave.htm ( 24k ) Pierre G.T. Beauregard. McDowell ab initio probed the Confederate centre, but his military personnels were checked at Blackburn # 8217 ; s Ford. He so spent the following two yearss reconnoitering the Southern left wing. In the interim, Beauregard asked the Confederate Government at Richmond for aid. General media/portraits/johnston_joseph_eggleston.htmmedia/portraits/johnston_joseph_eggleston.htm ( 26k ) Joseph E. Johnston, stationed in the Shenandoah Valley with 10,000 Confederate military personnels, was ordered to back up Beauregard. Johnston gave an opposing Union force the faux pas, and, using the Manassas Gap Railroad, started his ground forces toward Manassas Junction. Most of Johnston # 8217 ; s military personnels arrived at the junction on July 20 and 21, some marching from the trains straight into conflict. On the forenoon of July 21, McDowell sent his onslaught columns in a long March north toward Sudley Springs Ford. This path took the Federal soldiers around the Confederate left. To deflect the Southerners, McDowell ordered a diversionary onslaught where the Warrenton Turnpike crossed Bull Run at the Stone Bridge. At 5:30 AM the deep throated boom of a 30-pounder Parrott rifle shattered the forenoon composure, and signaled the start of conflict. McDowell # 8217 ; s new program depended on velocity and surprise, both hard with inexperient military personnels. Valuable clip was lost as the work forces stumbled through the darkness along narrow roads. Confederate Colonel media/portraits/evens_nathan_g.htmmedia/portraits/evens_nathan_g.htm ( 24k ) Nathan Evans, commanding at the Stone Bridge, shortly realized that the onslaught on his forepart was merely a recreation. Leaving a little force to keep the span, Evans rushed the balance of his bid to Matthews Hill in clip to look into McDowell # 8217 ; s lead unit. But Evan # 8217 ; s force was excessively little to keep back the Federal soldiers for long. Soon brigades under Brigadier General media/portraits/bee_barnard_e.htmmedia/portraits/bee_barnard_e.htm ( 30k ) Barnard Bee and Colonel media/portraits/bartow_francis_s.htmmedia/portraits/bartow_francis_s.htm ( 23k ) Francis Bartow marched to Evans # 8217 ; aid. But even with these supports, the thin grey line collapsed and Southerners fled in upset toward Henry Hill. About midday, the Federal soldiers stopped their progress to reorganise for a new onslaught. The letup lasted for about an hr, giving Johnston and Beauregard adequate clip to stablize their lines. Trying to beat up his work forces, Bee pointed to General media/portraits/jackson_thomas_j.htmmedia/portraits/jackson_thomas_j.htm ( 42k ) Thomas Jackson, and shouted the now celebrated words, # 8220 ; There stands Jackson like a rock wall! # 8221 ; The conflict raged until merely after 4:00 PM, with each side seeking to coerce the other off Henry Hill. Then fresh Southern units crashed into the Union # 8217 ; s right wing on Chinn Ridge, coercing McDowell # 8217 ; s tired and discouraged soldiers to retreat. At foremost the backdown was orderly. Screened by the habitues, the three-month voluntaries retired across Bull Run, where they found the route to Washington jammed with the passenger cars of Congressmans and others who had driven out to Centreville to watch the battle. Panic now seized many of the soldiers and the retreat became a mob. The Confederates, though bolstered by the reaching of President media/portraits/davis_jefferson.htmmedia/portraits/davis_jefferson.htm ( 33k ) Jefferson Davis on the field merely as the conflict was stoping, were excessively exhausted and disorganized to prosecute the Union ground forces back into Washington. Daybreak on July 22 found the defeated Union Army back behind the bristling defences of Washington. Second BATTLE OF MANASSAS In August 1862, Union and Confederate ground forcess converged for a 2nd clip on the fields of Manassas. The naif enthusiasm that preceded the earlier brush was gone. War was non the vacation outing or expansive escapade envisioned by the immature recruits of 1861. The contending forces, now made up of seasoned veterans, knew good the world of war. The Battle of Second Manassas, covering three yearss, produced far greater slaughter, 3,399 killed, and brought the Confederate states to the tallness of its power. Still the conflict did non weaken Northern decide. The war’s concluding result was yet unknown, and it would be left to other conflicts to make up ones mind whether the forfeit at Manassas was portion of the monetary value of Southern independency, or the cost of one state once more united under the national criterion. After the Union licking at Manassas in July 1861, General media/portraits/mcclellan_george_brinton.htmmedia/portraits/mcclellan_george_brinton.htm ( 52k ) George B. McClellan took bid of the Federal forces in and around Washington and organized them into a formidable combat machine, the Army of the Potomac. In March 1862, go forthing a strong force to cover the capital, McClellan shifted his Army by H2O to Fort Monroe on the tip of the York # 8211 ; James River peninsula, merely 75 stat mis south-east of Richmond. Early in April, he advanced toward the Confederate capital. Anticipating such a move, the Southerners abandoned the Manassas country and marched to run into the Federals. By the terminal of May, McClellan # 8217 ; s military personnels were within sight of Richmond. Here General media/portraits/johnston_joseph_eggleston.htmmedia/portraits/johnston_joseph_eggleston.htm ( 26k ) Joseph E. Johnston # 8217 ; s Confederate Army assailed the Federal soldiers in the bloody but i nconclusive Battle of Seven Pines. Johnston was wounded and President media/portraits/davis_jefferson.htmmedia/portraits/davis_jefferson.htm ( 33k ) Jefferson Davis placed General media/portraits/lee_robert_e.htmmedia/portraits/lee_robert_e.htm ( 57k ) Robert E. Lee in bid. Seizing the violative, Lee sent his force ( now called the Army of Northern Virginia ) across the Chickahominy River and, in a series of barbarous conflicts, pushed McClellan back from the border of Richmond to a place on the James River. At the same clip, the scattered Federal forces in northern Virginia were organized into the Army of Virginia under the bid of General media/portraits/pope_john.htmmedia/portraits/pope_john.htm ( 25K ) John Pope, who arrived with a repute newly won in the war # 8217 ; s western theatre. Gambling that McClellen would do no farther problem around Richmond, Lee sent media/portraits/jackson_thomas_j.htmmedia/portraits/jackson_thomas_j.htm ( 33k ) Stonewall Jackson # 8217 ; s flying northerly to # 8220 ; suppress # 8221 ; Pope. Jackson clashed indecisively with portion of Pope # 8217 ; s military personnels at Cedar Mountain on August 9. Meanwhile, larning that the Army of the Potomac was retreating by H2O to fall in Pope, Lee marched with General media/portraits/longstreet_james.htmmedia/portraits/longstreet_james.htm ( 33k ) James Longstreet # 8217 ; s flying to bolster Jackson. Pope withdrew to the north side of the Rappahannock River and successfully blocked Lee # 8217 ; s effor ts to derive a tactical advantage. Lee knew that if he was to get the better of Pope he would hold to strike before McClellan # 8217 ; s Army arrived in northern Virginia. On August 25 Lee boldly started Jackson # 8217 ; s Flying on a March of over 50 stat mis, around the Union # 8217 ; s right wing to strike at Pope # 8217 ; s rear. Two yearss subsequently, Jackson # 8217 ; s veterans seized Pope # 8217 ; s provide terminal at Manassas Junction. After a twenty-four hours of wild banqueting, Jackson burned what Federal supplies could non be carried off and moved to a place in the forests North of Groveton near the old Manassas battleground. Pope, stung by the onslaught on his supply base, abandoned the line of the Rappahannock and headed toward Manassas to # 8220 ; bag # 8221 ; Jackson. At the same clip, Lee was traveling northerly with Longstreet # 8217 ; s flying to reunite his Army. On the afternoon of August 28, to forestall the Federal commanding officer # 8217 ; s attempts to concentrate at Centreville and convey Pope to conflict, Jackson ordered his military personnels to assail a Union column as it marched on the Warrenton Turnpike. This barbarian battle at Brawner # 8217 ; s Farm lasted until dark. Convinced that Jackson was isolated, Pope ordered his columns to meet on Groveton. He was certain that he could destruct Jackson before Lee and Longstreet could step in. On the 29th Pope # 8217 ; s Army found Jackson # 8217 ; s work forces posted along an unfinished railway class, North of the turnpike. All afternoon, in a series of uncoordinated onslaughts, Pope hurled his work forces against the Confederate place. In several topographic points, the Northerners momently breached Jackson # 8217 ; s line, but each clip were forced back. That twenty-four hours Longstreet # 8217 ; s military personnels arrived on the battleground and, unknown to Pope, deployed on Jackson # 8217 ; s right, overlapping the exposed Union left. Lee urged Longstreet to assail, but # 8220 ; Old Pete # 8221 ; demurred. The clip was merely non right, he said. The forenoon of August 30 passed softly. Just before midday, mistakenly reasoning the Confederates were withdrawing, Pope ordered his Army forward # 8220 ; in pursuit. # 8221 ; The chase, nevertheless, was ephemeral. Pope found that Lee had gone nowhere. Amazingly, Pope ordered yet another onslaught against Jackson # 8217 ; s line. Major General media/portraits/porter_fitz_john.htmmedia/portraits/porter_fitz_john.htm ( 25k ) Fitz John Porter # 8217 ; s corps, along with portion of McDowell # 8217 ; s, struck Brigadier General media/portraits/starke_william_e.htmmedia/portraits/starke_william_e.htm ( 21k ) W. E. Starke # 8217 ; s division at the unfinished railway # 8217 ; s # 8220 ; Deep Cut. # 8221 ; The Southerners held house, and Porter # 8217 ; s column was hurled back in a bloody rebuff. Sing the Union lines in confusion, Longstreet pushed his monolithic columns forward and staggered the Union left. Pope # 8217 ; s Army was faced with obliteration. Merely a heroic base by the northern military personnels, foremost on Chinn Ridge and so one time once more on Henry Hill, bought clip for Pope # 8217 ; s distressed Union forces. Finally, under screen of darkness the defeated Union Army withdrew across Bull Run toward the defences of Washington. Lee # 8217 ; s bold and superb Second Battle of Manassas run opened the manner for the South # 8217 ; s first invasion of the North, and a command for foreign intercession. On July 21, 1861 the First Battle of Bull Run occurred. It was the first existent major struggle of the American Civil War. A Union ground forces, dwelling of 28,000 work forces, commanded by General McDowell, fought 33,000 Confederates under General Beauregard. The Union ground forces, under force per unit area to oppress the rebellion in the South, marched towards Richmond, but met the Confederate forces coming north from Manassas, a Southern base. At the beginning of the five hr conflict the Union soldiers had the Confederates on the retreat, except for one brigade commanded by General Jackson. Due to Jackson # 8217 ; s ability to keep his land and his obstinacy, the work forces saw him similar to a rock wall, therefore the moniker # 8220 ; Stonewall # 8221 ; Jackson. Thankss to Jackson the Confederates were able to keep out until General Johnston showed up with 9000 supports to assist out Beauregard near Henry House Hill. The reaching changed the class of the conflict and shortly the Union soldiers were flying back to Washington. However, because of the disorganisation of Beauregard # 8217 ; s ground forces, they could non prosecute McDowell any farther. The conflict proved that this was non traveling to be a one sided war for either side, as was predicted. The casualties soared to 2,900 killed, wounded, captured, or losing for McDowell # 8217 ; s ground forces and 2,000 for Beauregard # 8217 ; s. The conflict spurred a sense of triumph in the South, forcing them on, and in the North a feeling for retaliation.

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Arkansas/Arkansaw Book Review free essay sample

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the state of Arkansas? Chances are, that as an Arkansan the thoughts are quite different than those of someone not born or raised here. Hillbilly, redneck, barefoot, and trailer are a just few of the common first words invoked in the minds of â€Å"foreigners† by the word Arkansas. In the non-fiction work, Arkansas/Arkansaw: How Bear Hunters, Hillbillies, and Good Ol Boys Defined a State, author Brooks Blevins provides readers with his idea of how Arkansass image began, and then perpetuated over time. He provides several examples of the creation and reiteration of this imagine, beginning as early as the 1800s and progressing all the way into the 2000s. Not every example provided in the book reflects a negative image, as Blevins is trying to prove that there are positive aspects, it has progressed over time, and is ultimately the Arkansans perception of it that determines its power. The books provided so much information of the state I am proud to call my home, and I believe that Brooks Blevins was successful in his presentation and purpose! I was pleased to find that Blevins writes this book as an Arkansas native rather than an opinionated outsider with no identity in the subject of his work. I feel that it is this factor alone that gives the book such a genuine feel. I was also pleased to find that Blevins once worked as a professor at Lyon College, which is located in my hometown. This gives me an even stronger sense of familiarity with him. The book is intended to be read by anyone interested in the subject, although it seems natural that interest would be primarily with historians and Arkansas natives. It is this readers interest that actually influences the effectiveness of Blevinss writing. Obviously, efferent readers and aesthetic readers will be seeking different things from the text and therefore take away different things from the text. But in the end, Blevins hopes that all readers will recognize the many ways in which Arkansas has fit into our nation as whole, both then and now. Blevins uses interesting techniques presenting the Arkansas image. The most unique and effective techniques is his vocabulary. â€Å"Arkansaw† is the word he uses â€Å"when referring to the states image and when invoking the mythical place conjured various stereotypes and caricatures† (5). This helps to distinguish general information from information directly related to â€Å"the mixture of fact, legend, and stereotype† that comes to mind when Americans think of Arkansas (5). Blevins also makes use of the word â€Å"Arkansawyer† to describe inhabitants and the â€Å"different reactions Arkansas people have to the Arkansaw image† (6). Another distinction in vocabulary that Blevins chose is the use of the word image in the place of identity, which implies an always active participation in the defining of a reputation. These methods contribute to the tone of the book as well as the readers understanding of the authors presentation. Blevins illustrations of Arkansass image span the course of hundreds of years. The first images presented in the books stem from early travelers to the state. The opinions of most of these travelers were mixed, with many of them describing neanderthal like conditions. Francios Marie Perrin de Lac of Arkansans, â€Å"They pass their time playing games, dancing, drinking, or doing nothing, similar in this as in other things to the savage peoples with whom they pass their time† (12). Other visitors describe humble dwellings, plain clothing, endless hunting and lots of weapons. Throughout most of the books first chapter Blevins recounts the experiences of several travelers who all seem to agree that Arkansas is a state full of lazy, violent people with no regard for the rest of the nations idea of civilization. Blevins suggest that much of the disparity in Arkansass definition of normal and the rest of the countrys comes from Arkansass geographical location. He says that because, at this time, Arkansas is blocked on the east by swamps and on the west by Indian territory it became â€Å"backwater†. Unfortunately much of Arkansass reputation at this time was negative. There are a few travelers that noted the simple goodness of Arkansans at this time. Travelers such as Friedrich Gerstacker and Washintgon Irving presented a softer side to the prominent savage-like image described by others. Gerstackers perception of Arkansans was descibed as primarily positive. He described the Arkansans he encountered as â€Å"honest and upright† and reported that Arkansas was his favorite of all the states in America. Irving said that Arkansans, â€Å"have none of that eagerness for gain, and rage for improvement, which keep our people continually on the move† (22). He had a respect for the slowed down, simple way of like Arkansans lived every day. Blevins depicts both positive and negative travel accounts and memoirs, although he believes that their impact is difficult to measure. As the book progresses through the years, Blevins begins to introduce several famous faces that call Arkansas their home, in what he calls the Heyday of the Hillbilly. He mentions everyone from musicians to actors, athletes to novelists, and intellects to political figures. For each one mentioned, Blevins describes their experience with the Arkansas image, whether they found a way to embrace it or let it bring them down. Its interesting that he does not limit this presentation to individuals born and raised in the state, and includes some that instead have â€Å"adopted† Arkansas as their home state. All of the Arkansans he describes have impacted or been impacted by the image of their state. My favorite part of the book is actually the conclusion. Blevins begins this by describing an incident that I actually remember. In 2000, while the governors mansion was undergoing extensive renovations, Governor Mike Huckabee and his family chose to stay in a triple-wide trailer. The move was quickly met with laughs and â€Å"I-told-you-sos† from all over the country. The best part of the story is that the Huckabee family embraced the situation and joined in the laughter! Huckabee said, â€Å"Let the people laugh. I think that the difference between an Arkansas and an uptight, wound-up northerner, is that were laughing with you, because we like the way we live† (186). This acceptance is what I believe is the central goal of Blevins writing. Through this book, what I think Blevins really wanted to achieve was an acceptance of the Arkansas image. He mentions what he calls the Arkansans inferiority complex and says that â€Å"people of Arkansas are probably more obsessed with their states image than are people of any other state† (186). Blevins suggests that although the nations reaction to the governors manufactured mansion implies that Arkansass hillbilly image still exists, it is no longer in the forefront of peoples mind that they think of Arkansas. Blevins goes on to identify statistics about everything from education to violence, with Arkansas â€Å"generally low where you want to be high and high where low might be a good thing† (188). However, the statistics he discusses show that Arkansas is not always the worst state in the nation. As an Arkansan, I was so shocked to read all of the negative things others about my state, although I have heard some of them myself a time or two. All Arkansans are aware that we are typically viewed in a â€Å"less civilized† light than the rest of the country. But one thing I have always held in my mind is that we cant possibly be nearly as uncivilized as the state of Mississippi.. I laughed to see Blevins use of the phrase â€Å"Thank God for Mississippi†. Part of having pride in your state is accepting that you will never be able to change an image that has been so widespread for so long. Its always better to just embrace it, join in the jokes, and no that no state is free from stereotypes or stigmas. It is a nationwide thing! Overall I was very pleased with Blevins argument in the book. The way in which he chose to approach the creation of the image was interesting and I enjoyed the various accounts he utilized. I also enjoyed learning about famous figures from my state that I had not previously known. He does a great job of presenting the information in a entertaining and real style. His pride in his home state shines through and inspires me to learn more about my state so that I can better embrace my title as a true Arkansan!